Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Morning from me and my three beasts!!

Do you see how ferocious they look... its like a prison yard every morning with these three..its all about the intimidation!!! and the little one to the right.. hes the baddest of the bunch!!!
Do you see the one on the left? Thats Colby.. hes a lab mix puppy.. he is big, clumsy, sweet, and hard to contain... Imagine 5 of him in a classroom with 19 other kids.. thats what my classroom is like... I have 5 boys that are like having lab puppies in the room.. they run, they jump, they sniff everything, they fall on people, they are loud... I feel like I'm trying to keep these puppies off of everything all day..
So yesterday I did myself a favor and went to Party City to get some squishies... these ar for the kids who cannot keep still... I'll let you know how successful I am!!! Wish me luck and have a WONDERFUL Friday my friends!!!

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