Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two outfits for the price of one...

Another special guest this week!!! My dining room table mess!!!

I originally had on the skirt (Rue 21) and the top (Target) with the blue necklace (Old Navy) but I felt kinda lumpy... sooooo.. after consulting with my photographer who has asked her boss if she can come in a half hour earlier just to get out of being my photographer.... I changed the necklace for the scarf... the scarf does a better job of hiding the lumps... right? I missed "What I Wore Wednesday" because I was so late :( so I have an extra out fit..... Have a LOVELY day my friends... I will be at a horrifice Professional Development this afternoon where I may have to talk myself out of stabbing myself with a fork just to get out of it... but I love my job...

1 comment:

  1. may be my favorite outfit of yours yet! love how you tied the scarf!