Monday, January 26, 2015

What are we watching...

Happy Monday Lovelies!!! Am I happy its Monday?? NO... but we persevere.....Over the weekend a friend had suggested a new show to me... "The Fall" on Netflix... now I don't know if y'all are on to this show yet... but GET ON BOARD!!! it is great....Here is the argument for it...
1. Jamie Dornan
now you may know this hot man from "Fifty Shades of Grey"..but with this show.. you get 12 doses of him.. all hot!!!!
2. this show is set in Ireland and the accents are  very nice to listen to...
3. this gal is 46 years old... looking GREAT!!!!
4.  each season is only 6 episodes long so this is a minor commitment for those of you who say, " I CAN'T do another show.."

so get on board..
On other fronts... I have been inspired to Valentine up my living room... heres where we're at...

I got the banner from my happy place, Hobby Lobby... its where I go when I feel overwhelmed by the cold nasty world... the music calms me much like it does  with wild animals... the music soothes me.....I found the pillows at Barnes and Noble... which is great because as we all know.... Liz over at has them seen here:

Simple Cozy Cottage Living Room - lizmarieblog.comshowed these pillows at Christmas time and I found them at Barnes and Noble.. so my delight at seeing them for Valentines Day could  not be unparalleled!!!
oh... and going back up to the top... if it looks like I"m trying to stand up as straight as possible and suck in my gut... its because I was sucking it in!!!!! 
Have a great Monday!!!

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  1. Cute decor. I like the sweater too and I have heard about The Fall but have not watched it yet. I think I will wait for summer when all the other shows end to check it out.