Friday, January 23, 2015

Mission FAILED

Remember a loooooong time ago(Last Tuesday) when I comically said I had too many clothes and I was going to not shop for clothes for a month? Well it turns out I can NOT make declarations like that and go to Target.... Target has and additional 20%off their clothing with the Target Cartwheel app... so my foolish little idea of not shopping was squashed like a bug....
but when you see a coat like this
 for like 8.00.... What are you supposed to do?? Just pass it up for some little pledge you made to yourself and your three readers??? I'm sorry.... but I can't... I have been stalking this red and black plaid number for a while now... I can't just pass it up.... Whats more important... self control or pretty clothes???? obviously...pretty clothes!!!!!!


  1. Oh um, heck no, you HAD to buy that coat. Looks great on you. I also have the Cartwheel app.....not going to Target, not going to Target............

  2. Girrrrlll... Keep telling yourself that... And the you'll run out if batteries and find yourself where? At target!!n