Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Shows Review...

Hey all... you know I believe it is my duty to look at all new and continuing shows on TV and report out... so I watched the new HBO show "Togetherness" last night... now I am a big Mark Duplass fan...hes on "The League", he was in a movie, "The One I Love" with Elizabeth Moss and he wrote "Togetherness" with his brother who is one of the actors on  "Transparent" now that I've given you the entire history of this family... I'll continue... ok.. now.. it seems that these brothers or one of them has a common theme of "Why don't you want to have sex with me anymore?" good relationships on the skids... its a valid question because I think all  marriages go through this slump for one reason or another... its not a lack of love or affection, its just a block .... now the show was funny.. I'll keep watching... but at the moment.. I'm torn between is this show funny or serious???
Moving on.. I watched the new episode of "Shameless" on Showtime... this SHOW!!! it bothers me on so many levels I dont 'even know where to begin, and yet I keep watching... I dont' know if I watch to see the characters crash and burn or if I'm really into this show.... but there is so much I need to just fast forward.... 1. anything with Frank...  FAST FORWARD!!!!!!! not interested!!! anything with Debbie...FAST FORWARD.... and WHY does Fiona always have to have a boss that she is in an affair with? why??  Get a new storyline.... this is getting boring,..and if this show wants me to look at a gay relationship like its just a normal thing.. why oh why do they make THIS relationshiop as screwed up as possible????
 I dont' know if is some kind of heart of gold bad boy.. but this is no heart of gold.. in fact, it seems he has NO heart... this character couldn't be MORE unlikable... and the other character is suffering from manic depression... doesn't really speak to the homosexual community as far as showing a loving homosexual couple...
see my frustration??? I love/HATE this show!!! WHY am I watching?? I ask myself every Monday!!!
One show I know exactly why I 'm watching is Celebrity Apprentice...loving it!!!!!
and I also have to confess... tv has gotten so bad and this is award show season so alot of my shows get paused for these ridiculous award shows.... I have turned to MeTV for "The Carol Burnett Show and Antenna ( what channel is that?? i dont' know but you've probably got it...) for WKRP in Cincinnatti... this show is getting me through the winter...
Now.. before I go.. one more show I reviewed..."Married at First Sight: the first year" We're only watching this show for Doug and Jamie (far right) Jamie didnt' really like Doug, but then he basically said "how high" whenever she said, "jump!:" so she started falling for him... now... she wants a baby and hes like, "Wait.. if we have a baby, we may never have sex again.... NO!" and shes like, "whaaaaaaattt???? who taught you how to say no?" so thats the dynamic.... check it out... skip Shameless.... watch "Married at first sight: the first year"

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