Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Good Morning Lovelies... Its Wednesday... that means "What I Wore Wednesday" over at, and One of the blogs I go to all the time is is this fashionista who looks like a real life mannequin because her body is so perfect.. but she puts up trends coming up on her blog... one of her big trends for spring is fringe... so when I saw this kimono at Target I scooped it up!!! I have gotten other kimonos that were a little shorter.. this one is a tad more figure flattering for those of us that are height challenged and weight challenged.. this covers everything... and also.. for those shawties out there like me... the little booties are like my new go to...the knee high boots are wonderful to cover all the bad.. but the little booties make my leg a little longer.. a little skinnier... and the pointed toe doesn't hurt either... so see?? I'm all pulled together today!!!!
Have a great day!!


  1. Very pretty on you!! I saw that at Target too. I didn't buy it but I have seen that fringes in in for spring. I also bought a pair of short boots too recently. I am a shawtie too. :-) Very pretty outfit on you. :-) Molly