Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Too many clothes???

Yesterday I had a terrible thought... "Do I have TOO many  clothes???"... is that possible?? ughghghgh!!!! I think I do... now.. if I had bigger closets I would not have too many clothes...but my closet is tiny....yesterday and Sunday I did all my laundry.. and girrrrrrrrrrlllll.. its easier to keep those clothes dirty..I gave a bag to Goodwill and a bag to my daughter... the problem with my clothes situation is my clothes arent' organized and I forget what I have or I don't see outfits.. just pieces... its not hard to scale down, but when I see other bloggers I need to switch it up... I keep telling myself to shop my own closet shop my own closet... so that is my new goal... to shop my own closet for one month.. so no clothes from now to February 20... can I do it?? ughhgh... we'll see... one day at a time... 


  1. Cute sweater!! I know how you feel. I have such a small closet I have to switch out my seasons of clothing. Right now I have 4 or 5 bags of my daughters' and my clothing to go to Goodwill. I try to clear stuff out each season. I most assuredly could shop my closet too. I should do that. I need to do that...........

  2. PS, my 13 yr old daughter can now wear my shoe size so I had about 3 pairs of converse tennis shoes I gave her and a pair of fake ugg boots. That felt good, to pass on the shoes.

  3. My daughter doesn't live with me so the clothes leave with her