Thursday, January 29, 2015

plaid take 2

Good Morning!!! Its Thursday of this neverending week!!!Today's look? Comfort...these shoes are the fitflop seen  here and I highly recommend these shoes... they are wildly comfortable especially on days where the high is 32 and its snowing basically ice...
Now.. if you are not aware of it.. The Americans  is back on Wednesday nights 9:00 Central... so I watched the first episode last night... we are really ramping up for an exciting season... if you watch this show you will know Stan our FBI American is a real JERK!!! I HATE Stan which makes me root for the Russians... we are NOT supposed to root for the Russians... we need a better American... not just because our Russian Philipis super hot!!!! so I'm torn... but I'm ALL IN!!!
For your entertainment today I am also including this clip from Kroll Show which was on Tuesday night.. congraturitos is my new favorite word!!!


  1. Oh now I see the shoes. They look comfy. I recently got some Sketchers Go Walk clogs/slippers and they are super comfy. The hot Russian used to be in Brothers and Sisters on ABC. He played Kevin. He is super hot.

    1. I saw him on a behind the scenes... He's even cuter with his Irish accent!!!