Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dogs are the cure to all of life's evils...

Good Morning Lovelies... I wish I could tell you it was a GREAT Valentines weekend.. however.. we had a setback... here is the condition of my dad today...
 he broke his ankle in two places in the grocery store... he is a real mess today.. he has a hard cast on that he'll have until April... now.. if you asked Pooka.. she'd say, "OMG.. I WISH I could stay in bed until April!!".. (reality: the house would literally fall to ruins and the show "Hoarders" would show up @ May 1 to do an emergency intervention) but this dad of mine doesn't particularly like staying in one place for too long.. asking him to stay put is like asking a puma to slow down... so its hard... After spending all day with him Driving Miss Daisy style I came home had two very large glasses of wine and let this dog help ease me into the evening..
after a hard day... a dog is seriously the best medicine!!!! So keep my dad in your good thoughts for a speedy recovery!!! 
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  1. Sorry about your dad's injury. Hope he heels fast. Yes, dogs really do help (oh and wine too!). Molly