Friday, February 27, 2015

confrerences: Over.. Evaluation: coming up

This look is called: I didn't take a shower because I was at school until 7:30 last night and theres lice going around... 
I know.. not pretty.. but lice free!!!! if I get lice.. it will be like a vacation.. I'll keep calling in after like 10 days and be like, "No.. I still have it.. I just can't get rid of it.. can't come back.. sorry!!!" And thats why I won't get lice.. 
My three readers know I had parent teacher conferences this week and they are now over.. YAY!!!! Now I can focus on my evaluation... GROSS!!! But it will be over soon... and then I can talk about things that are important to  the Pookapookapooka world: shows!!!!  I don't know if  you know this, but Bravo is airing their second season of "Newleyweds the First Year" on March 3... if you watched season 1 you can find out about the old couples March 3 too... I'm not like all into Bravo... but I swear.. give me a show about newlyweds and I'm all in.... also.. we are going to have a new season of "Married at First Sight" with all new couples later in March... so after my eval is over, I will be all into the new shows.... 
Have a WONDERFUL weekend my friends!!!


  1. Oh your hair looks great pulled up! Lice, yuck. That's why I purposely don't have the girls wash their hair that often during the week. I am dreading the day one of them comes home with lice. Ewww. Man, I hope I did not just jinx myself...........I am home with the flu, if they got lice too I would not be able to handle it.

    1. No.... Pray for lice... Then it's like a vacation!!!! You just have to do laundry... Nothing else