Monday, February 23, 2015

What is happening in the world???

 Every Friday or Saturday we go to the bookstore.. half for the coffee and cupcake and half for the magazines... this week I am looking at these magazines and I'm like, "What is going on??!!"... Here are a few examples....

I saw this in the new People this week... Measles!!! GET YOUR CHILD VACCINATED!!!! Measles causes death... looking at these pictures of a baby with measles... what is going on???

Catherine Bell... what happened to you???  Plastic surgery is NOT for all!!! You were so pretty... why Catherine Bell??? WHY????

Every pic I see of these two looks painful..he looks like, "PLEASE DON'T DOCUMENT THAT I'M IN THIS MOVIE!!" and shes like, "I'm not just Melanie Griffith's daughter anymore!!!!" I have NO interest in seeing this movie even though I read the book and Jamie Dornan is fabulous... she looks like shes got the personality and sex appeal of a houseplant...
See?? the More you know...
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  1. I know, on Catherine Bell right??? AND. I do not want to see that movie. I think they are both embarrassed about it yet they had to be in it because of it's popularity. Have you seen Outlander at all? Molly