Tuesday, February 3, 2015

hibernation part 2

During my hibernation I did manage to get to Salvation Army and pick up this beauty for Jack's room... he doesn't realize how lucky he is to have it.... yet....
Good Morning Lovelies!!! I know its Tuesday.. Yesterday I was in hibernation again... if we remember hibernation part 1here we remember the thrill of the email saying "no school" especially since we have the nastiest cold sore EVER on our lip... that explains my funny expression.. I'm HIDING!!!
today I am going to the dermatologist to see what can be done about these nasty cold sores!!! I get them every month around the same time... the time thats extra special to all women... so something's got to give...
Sorry I'm such a downer... lets switch gears shall we??? A long time ago there was an article in the Sun Times that I read that asked the question, "Has Oprah improved your life?"... like.. love her, hate her.. has she improved your life by her show(s)? and the answer is YES!!! LOVE Oprah!!!! in this month's O magazine she has 20 questions you should ask yourself.. I did the questions with my hubsband (shhh!! don' t tell him it was from O magazine... I think he thought it was Cosmo..) and the discussion we had was really great... Here are the questions:
1. Do you see yourself as others see you?
2. Are you having  enough fun?
3. Do you have enough money?
4. Are you ignoring the obvious?
5. Do you have enough friends?
6. are you having enough sex?
7. What is your blind spot?
8. Have you made peace with your past?
9.What is in your future?
10. Do you know what you think you know?
 So start a discussion with these questions.. you'll be surprised at the answers... 
Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. i love that top! it's so cute! and we've been in major hibernation the last few weeks thanks to sickness and snow!

  2. Are those P.J's or do you go out in that top?

    1. Gurrrrrrllll... Look at you makin comments to my little blog... It's a tunic.... You wear it out