Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Good Wednesday Lovies!!!! today is What I Wore Wednesday over at,, and
This is my little go to sweater... anytime I feel too exposed by a dress or top I put this covers all the bad...
I have some new show alerts and an old show alert...
"Friday Night Tykes" is a show on Esquire (Suzanne WHERE do you find these channels???) Esquire is the same network as my beloved "Married at First Sight" to describe this show... ok.. its like Toddlers and Tiaras for men... its about a little league football program in Texas and its pretty much like NFL light... like the practices, games, tryouts.. all as intense as the NFL.. and the kids are like 7-10!!! And the parents!!! If you have ever had a kid in sports.. you will feel the frustration!!!!

I started the show,"Oz" on Saturday... I am pretty much hooked.. something about prison shows always gets me... I think if I ever had to go to prison I need to prepare by watching these shows... not like I'm planning on it.. but you know... just in case...
Have a great Wednesday.. and don't forget to link up!!!

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