Monday, February 9, 2015

World Marriage Day

this is my only pic today... the other pics made me look like a potato... :(
World Marriage Day is the second Sunday in February... so over the weekend my hubsband and I went to mass and at the end the priest had all the married couples hold hands and say their vows to each other... I swear... I was NOT prepared for this and when I had to do it, I  was weeping!!!!I have had friends who have renewed their vows in front of everyone.. I couldn't do that... I would just start crying and it would be a mess... but it was soooooooo nice to say vows together... It was the highlight of my weekend!!!
On other fronts... I've added more to my Valentine decor....

I got the wreath and the chevron board from Salvation Army and the white candlesticks from Goodwill... Goodwill is sloooowly pulling out their Target backlog from Christmas..the white candlesticks are all up and through the Goodwill... So messages today:
1. Love on your spouse today...
2. Go to Goodwill and get those Christmas cast offs!!!

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