Friday, February 6, 2015

Where in the world is Pookapookapooka???

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll... I'm still here... physically.. my mind is just about gone but thats nothing new...The topic this week: competition.... I have just about the best team to work with in any school... funny, interesting, helpful, concerned... and they all work their asses off... now all my teacher friends out there or anyone who has been evaluated knows that evaluations are the WORST!!!!!!It brings out a strange competitiveness in your girl Pooka... I get like determined to be seen as good as the rest of the team...If I get just proficient and the rest of the team gets exceeds... then I'll basically just spin around like a tazmanian devil until I bear a hole in the ground... why??? I dont' know... I want to tell you its the evil administration's fault for creating subjective evaluations... and part of that is true... but basically... I will say... excuse my language.. but I work my ASS off!! thats not bragging... while some people can go home at 3:30.. it takes me longer to get myself together...There are people in my building who just come in, do their job, and leave... no fuss... again.. I can't do that.. I get all involved in the drama...So... My evaluation is March 2... If I get all exceeds... trust that will be posted like 10 days in a row... I'll inform the media.... if I don't... I'll be in deep analysis... 
Have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. That top looks like you are wearing scrubs

    1. I will have you know missy that I got a ton of compliments on that top!!! P said I was bringing the spring!!!