Wednesday, February 25, 2015

when in doubt... wear a scarf..

what is this weird face?? I don't know... Wednesdays are harrrrrrrrrrd.... I know you all have heard of my disdain for Wednesday... Wednesday is garbage day, Wednesday my students have gym and I have to walk all the way to the wild other side of the school... and What I Wore Wednesday over at, and doesnt' make it any easier... I swear... on Saturday I think about my outfits for the week and I'm all like, " Yeah.. thats what I'll wear.." and then its Tuesday night and I'm like, "Wait, what am I wearing?? that?? no..." but I still linkup every Wednesday.... now if someone who is like 5'2 and my weight (not to be disclosed.. EVER) could just start a blog and tell me what to wear... I'd be grateful.... so linkup and if you find my girl... let me know!!!!

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  1. I SO hear you and I am 4'11!! My daughter now wears my converse shoes (she's 13) and I wish there was someone out there who had a blog and was short. Although your outfits come really close. :-)