Friday, December 13, 2013

A Beautiful Mind

For the three readers of this blog that were ready to call 911 yesterday because my post sounded like I was having a stroke... I must assure  you... I am fine (relatively speaking) I reread that post and it was like the ramblings of a I can not in good conscience say that I am not slowly going mad as this week feels like it started a month ago!!! Lets review....
* I have a neverending cold sore... it will not heal...
*We are on our 987th day (or so it feels) of indoor recess.... if you could see these puppies w/o an outlet for all their energy and excitement over Christmas.... you would cry..
*I am not putting my dogs in the garage in winter.. its too cold for them.. but Colby is afraid of me putting him anywhere.. so when I try to put him in the kitchen every morning its a cat and mouse game trying to get him in...
*My Christmas shopping has barely begun because my own children REFUSE to give me any indication of what they want
*It is raining (which is code for menstruation)
all of this in ONE WEEK!!! (and again we will not mention my house that needs a deep clean, my floors that need mopping, or the 66 lbs. of laundry I have to do!!!!!

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