Thursday, December 5, 2013

My sad little life part 897

Girrrrrrrrlllllll... look at all these photo bombers in this pic... it is a good thing these dogs are cute otherwise they would all be PITA's!! (thats pain in the asses).. I don't know if you can see it, but I have a HUGE DISGUSTING cold sore thanks to my hubsband and all the stress of this seperation....Do you know how many hair/nails/skin vitabeans I take?? like 3 a day!!! WTH??? I know y'all are going to say "take lycine!!!" but I hate lycine and I'll tell you why... lycine only works while you're on it.. God forbid you miss a dose or the cold sores will swarm all over your face!!! Cold sores are the worst because theres a stigma attached to them... like you're dirty... but in reality.. its STRESS!!!!! and winter doesn't make it any easier.... SWOOSH... between my marital woes, my pension reform, my cold sore, this blog is becoming a real downer.... I gotta pep it up.... Good things need to come my way soon....

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