Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Santa Scavenger Hunt...

Well y'all.. I have recovered from my last day before Christmas break... These were  my favorite part of the last day...
1. The school showed an 80 minute movie... so I got 80 minutes to get my room somewhat organized..
2. Our classroom had a cookie exchange... each student brought in 24 cookies  and then we had our exchange.. so each one got to bring 24 cookies to Santa....
3. This year I did something a little different.. as seen in my previous post, I got this super cute Santa scavenger hunt off of Groopdealz... but you can for sure do it for free... this is all you need:
* a letter from Santa on his personal stationary... from the desk of Santa... saying how the kids have been pretty good this year and hes noticed... but when he was going around the world to do his final checks, some things fell out of his pack... this is what was on my list
Santa's glasses
Santa's socks
Santa's snowglobe
Santa's hat
Santa's whistle
Dasher's collar
Santa's favorite book
Santa's special candy cane
A world map
Santa's ornament
Santa's toothbrush
Santa's hand sanitizer
There were 5 more things but I forgot... but you can get anything you want or have around the house..I literally found everything except the whistle and the map at the dollar store... you could make it easier or harder depending on your kids...
BUT I have to tell you.... I think I completely and utterly instilled the belief in Santa in my liottle puppies... I have one boy who  is really tall.. he gets mistaken for an 8-9 year old all the time and this makes him very arrogant.... height is power in first grade.. let me tell you.. so... he bought in all the way for the hunt... he was so cute!!! He totally believed... and to see the magic of Christmas in a first grader....
it is so precious.... Merry Christmas to all who stop by.... I truly appreciate each and every one of you

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