Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is that workin for ya??

Good Afternoon Lovelies!!! This is the app I found on Tuesday while I was crying over all the dreaded reruns on TV... this one is called instacollage... look.. its like a Christmas card!!! I know the background of my pics is very messy... but my room is very small.. not much storage...
I've been thinking alot about that title.. "is it workin for ya?" all you Dr. Phil watchers will recognize it... it means the way you're conducting your business.. is it working?? In particular.. my freezing out of my hubsband... and I'll tell ya.. its not working.. things are the same.. I want to just be in the same space and share my time with him... I know.. y'all are like, "I KNOW! WE GET IT!!" but it is still not a reality.. so what do I do? Well freezing him out was making me miserable and not accomplishing anything... so I will try love... I'll let you know how it works.. we will be in the same place for about a week and a half so hopefully love will work!!!

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