Saturday, December 7, 2013

What is death?

Ever since my dog Mattie died back in 2007 I have thought about death and what it is and how I felt about it... now.. why my dog? Because I spent sooooooo much time with her.. she was my baby.. she always wanted to be with me.. I wasnt' there when she actually passed.. my husband was there.. he said she turned off before she stopped breathing.. it took her about 4 hours to pass... as I have now learned watching "Time of Death" on Showtime.. this is called, "actively dying"... I have learned so much from this show... it is the most real documentary on human life I have ever seen while at the same time respecting each of the participants... last nights episode was about Nicole, an 18 year old with stage 5 melanoma... she was NOT ready to die, not ready to get ready to die, not ready to accept death... her dad came in and told her it was ok to go..that God was waiting for her... she didn't like that... she thought he was trying to get rid of was not an easy one to watch...
One of the episodes featured a hospice nurse who put death this way... we labor to come into this world.. we have to labor to go out... when you look at death in this way, like a birth into new life.. it really makes death something beautiful.... I am so privileged to have watched the participants of this show and their brave journey as they are birthed into their new life... it has taught me so much.. taken so much of my fear away and shown me that death is natural... it is as natural as our own birth.. and should be treated with as much sweetness and love as birth

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