Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday... snowy Tuesday

Girrrrrrrrrlllllllll... I love winter as much as the next guy... I may love it more than the next guy.... but all this snow... Wait til I'm on break!!! My class is now on 987,899th day of indoor recess... these puppies look like coke cans shook up and ready to explode.. yesterday they were playing minecraft in the classroom... which would be a fine game outside... but we can't go outside due to all the snow.... Winter break can NOT get here fast enough.. this morning my son said, " I'm going to miss the bus"... ( now say it like your accusing the person you're talking to as if that person is somehow responsible for a 16 year old not getting up in time to catc the bus) so my daughter drove him... these last days are the ragged edge of insanity!!! hopefully when I'm on break, my thoughts will be more cohesive!!!! Have a lovely day my friends!!!!!

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