Monday, December 2, 2013

Crappy crappy suck suck

Good Morning Lovelies...the best thing about these pics is the floor....I got rid of my gross gross carpeting and put in these laminate floors... yay!! I would love to tell you I had a wonderful weekend with my family... but things are NOT smooth at the Bruce household.. things are not happy happy joy joy.. they are crappy crappy suck suck.... My hubsband and I fought most of the weekend... my kids told me they are sick to death of the fighting and PLEASE do not involve them in any discussions whatsoever.... I am prepared to walk away from this marriage because of the state of affairs... things are BAD people.... BAD... God's message may not be the one I think it is.... swoosh this is depressing... sorry.... but on the bright side.. I'm getting a new student today.... yay????

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