Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A picture no matter what

Hey all... If you can't tell by today's pic I am at the hospital with hubs while he gets his filter out... He has a history of blood clots and the filter helps to thin his blood... But he doesn't need it anymore (Update: tried to retrieve filter... blood clot was IN the filter.. filter stays in indefinitely as it is doing its job quite nicely....)
I have made a drastic decision to put my pic up every day no matter what.... This is me in all my just woke up, put NO makeup on, threw my hair in a bun, and put clothes on body..... You may see a lot of these pics..... But that's life......
and on the brighter side and to try to  take your eyes away from my huge hips that this pic is showing:( ... While we were waiting and hubs was getting prepped, the nurse asked if we wanted to pray with her... we said, "sure".. so we all joined hands and she prayed over us... it was like a ray of sunshine had hit our face... it was a really special moment.... so PLEASE imagine that and not my humongous hips in this pic....

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  1. Love that you're keeping it real :)

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