Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Good Afternoon Lovelies!!! My makeup-free summer continues... I would love to say it is a mosquito free summer but unfortunately, these mosquitos are making me mental!!! when you get them in the house we all look like we're in a constant seizure....
On other fronts... tomorrow is my birthday.... Last year at this time my hubsband was on his way to Virginia.... those days are over.... now he is back... in fact... he now has his very own bed..
now I know... y'all are like, "why does he need his own bed??" Girrrrrrrrrrrllll.. me sleeping is NOT a pretty sight... I snore, I grind my teeth so bad I wake myself up with a dream I'm chewing rocks...I drool.... its horrible... so we made the decision that we NEED to sleep in separate beds...otherwise we would just fight... so since hes been home, hes been sleeping on the couch in our bonus room... but we went to IKEA yesterday and now he has a very nice bed sans a frame... so I told him if he leaves again, he forfeits all rights and properties to the bed and it will become Coopers...
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