Sunday, July 27, 2014

OOTD and some other ramblings....

Another no makeup day... but verrrrry comfortable... I got these pants at Target.. they are like sweats but skinny you see that gross zit like thing on my lip? its hormones!!!! I think (pray) that I am going into menopause and every month before my period I get some kind of growth around my mouth.... I am going to the dermatologist to find a treatment for this ... It is such a nuisance!!!!!
I found this painting at Goodwill for 9.99... My parents had this same exact painting in their formal living room the entire time I lived at home... what is it?? Heck if I know...

I had to give myself a pedicure because the place I was going to get my toes done... I just wasnt' satisfied like the last 3 times I went... the foot massage is like half assed... and even the nail art that I loved so much wasn't up to par... so I'm doing my own toes now.. my days of getting pedicures are over :(
I hope you had a GLORIOUS weekend my friends... Heres to a great week ahead!!

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