Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy March!!!

Good Morning Lovelies!!! Its March and I am trying to bring the spring!!! I got this great little birdhouse from Goodwill... I  went to one of my favorite Goodwills on Sunday and had very little luck!! By that I mean, I went to my neighborhood Goodwill and they had tons of boots from Target... so everyone and their brother must have swamped Goodwill on Saturday because they smelled the TARGET!!!! so I managed to get out with the birdhouse and  a really cute little leather like dress I hope to premiere this week... Have a great Tuesday  today!!!!


  1. Love the birdhouse. Our local Goodwill never has anything worth having. I'm a bit jealous of you!

  2. Love the soft outfit look and I LOVE that birdhouse. Our Goodwill NEVER has Target stuff or pretty birdhouses like that.