Friday, May 22, 2015

The Other side..

Good Friday!!! and you know what I'm going to say: its been a five day work week and I worked every damn one of em.....My reward for this is a three day weekend!!!! 
Last night my girls and I were texting as ussshh...and we were talking about a friend we work with and his dad... now my one friend has a special power to connect with the other side.. shes seen things and felt things that other people don't... so I asked her to talk to my mom.... she said she has talked to  my  mom and that my mom said she was with Chris right now and is supporting his desire to be closer to the church...she also said that she knew I didn't need her approval in life to do things.. She felt bad about not knowing more about what grade I taught and where I worked... but she was proud of how far I've come...I was really happy to hear from her...So it gives me not a sense of peace, but a sense of excitement... that she can be reached....
Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend my friends!!!

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