Monday, May 11, 2015

Why ruin it with words??/

As my three readers know.. I have had like a mourning or an acceptance or an awakening of my kids being old now and I won't have any more kids and I have to just sit around and wait for a grandchild to nurture my nurturing needs.... So to that end I am having my uterus microwaved (aka an endometrial ablation) done... this will end my period for good... So I decided to do it for sure last week... I have been contemplating it for  about a year and I finally talked to my dr. about it and its a go... Now...with yesterday being Mothers Day and all... I think I got confirmation that I'm not too shabby at this Mom thing... My son signed his card like this:
and I knew exactly what he meant!!! Its literally the nicest thing he could've said to me.. by not saying anything he knew it meant everything... 
My daughter wrote this:
Knowing she stressed about what card to pick... she is so funny!! But so sweet!!!! 
I hope you all had a GREAT Mothers Day... Mine was in a word: perfect...

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