Friday, May 1, 2015

A shout out!!!

Hey all... no pics today.. but I have a good excuse!!!! I was getting ready for work listening to my favorite podcast, "Watch what Crappens"( available on itunes) or here

and Ronnie ( seen here)Image result for Ronnie Karamand Ben MandlekerImage result for Ben mandelkerhave this great podcast that is FREE on itunes and all they talk about is Bravo shows... so yours truly (seen here)Image result for pookapookapookawas mentioned on yesterdays edition!!!!! I was soooooooooo excited that I had to tell everyone and by the time I played it like 10 more times, I was late for work... sooooo.... no time for a pic... sorry:( but on the bright side....I am famous now... spread the word....

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