Friday, June 14, 2013

A new summer blog;;;

My look what I got!!!  over at andthepennilesssocialite.blogspot.comThis week... all these shoes are from Target... got em at Salvation Army  all my size.. can you believe that?? Me either...two of them were 4.05... one for 5.06... not bad right??

Top: Target bought at Target for 6.88
jeans: Tommy Hilfiger skinney rolled up about 6 times
shoes: Aeropastale bought at Aeropastale for 7.00

Hey y'all... I summered up my blog a little...I needed some cheering... my tax situation has not been resolved much to my dismay... my lawyer may have to file a claim against the title company so I hold on to God.. what He can see and what I can see are two different things.. He has never led me astray and Hes not about to start now.. so my faith is entertained....
Since this day has started my deck got a makeover, my lawn has been mowed and my poor dogs cant go outside because the deck has a new stain on it.... poor dogs...  UGGGGGGGGHHHHH I hope y'all are having a wonderful day to offset my very stressful day....

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