Saturday, June 15, 2013

the quote... lives...

"Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes, but great minds rise above them"... Washington Irving
I put this quote up on June 1 and today is June 15... Remember I told you the quote had a way of working its way into my life? Well it has!! I told y'all about my back taxes from 2009 and we moved in in 2011 and how my lawyer was all like, "NO you don't pay the back taxes, the seller pays them, or the title company"... well I call to find out what the progress was on that happening and the title company is like, "oh.. yeah.. you should just go ahead and pay them"... so I call my lawyer and hes like, "oh. well.. let me find out whats going on.." of COURSE this is like at 3:30 on a Friday and the day ends at like 4:15 on a Friday so no resolution... and I know sooooooooo many people are going through these dramas.... people barely work in the summer and Friday in the summer people take the barely and cut it in half... so people who are waiting for a phone call about a job, a loan, a grant, a scholarship, an acceptance into a school, or in my case, a tax mixup.... so I cannot let my mind be little and be tamed by misfortunes... I have to have a great mind and rise above... and if you are waiting for a phone call... I feel for you.. I am with you!!!

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