Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The summer me...

top: Target
Jeans: Signature Skinney bought at Wal-Mart
shoes: Aeropastale

My makeup free summer continues....I had to go into school last week and summer school had already commenced in my classroom.... these poor kids have summer school from 8:30-3:30 every day for 4-8 weeks!!! G R O S S!!!!!!
I feel like as a teacher we NEED a break in the summer to almost literally do NOTHING... I embrace the boredom, the sleeping late, the staying up late, the laziness... then I can look forward to going back to school after a while.. my brain has to click to the off position for a little while...
Now I know people are like, " you suck!! how dare you complain... you only work 9 months out of the year!!".. true... BUT in those 6 1/2 hours that I work a day... I have about 13 people asking me questions about 45 minutes of every hour...I have 77 decisions every half hour, I have at least 10 emails every hour, I have about 13 forms to fill out a day, and I have about 87 things I need to remember every day... my brain needs to click off so I can take in all of this information and process it come August... so this is summer me... and hopefully it will make a good Fall me for all of those little first graders coming my way!!!

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