Thursday, June 6, 2013

uggghhh!!! thats all I can say.....

Jeans: Target boot cut
shoes: Converse by Target
top: Old Navy ( My name is Suzanne and I'm addicted to stripes...)
trying to smile... Tax department....

Ugghhh.... where to begin??? I missed WIWW over at the pleated poppy because I was too busy getting my drrrrraaaannnnnkkkkk on with my lovely coworkers at our end of the year party.... A party in which I totally tricked Casey into coming to so she could accidentally on purpose run into Mike... welllll... as I have stated before... Casey is prickly and Mike is NICE.... so nice and 18 year old female apparently don't  go together according to my girl Leah... so I sent word through the grapevine that Mike needed to be more douchey towards Casey as she likes to be the hunter... not the hunted... so he picks this party to do just that.. he like barely talked to her.. it was totally awkward and then he left!!! Everyone keeps telling me this is a GOOD thing as it will attract Casey like a moth to a flame...I dont' know.....
then... today.. the doorbell rings and its this guy who says hes there to inform me that there are back taxes on my property from 2009.. we purchased in 2011... the tax office is like, "you owe 5000.00 and you better pay up or foreclosure is in your future"... so I am FREAKING OUT!!! I call my hubsband who is incommunicado.... so I make a series of phone calls.... not the least of which to my attorney who looks into it.. says the title company has to resolve it because we have title insurance.... so I ask him like 50 times.. "should I pay this??" hes like, " NO!!! you don't pay... the title company has to pay.. that's why you have insurance!!!"... but what the hell do I know???? so the county tells me listen to my attorney... has anyone else been  through this??
So begins my summer vacation... ughghghghghgh!!!!!!

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