Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I wore Wednesday under the gun

top: Old Navy c/o Goodwill
capris: Marshalls
shoes: Aeropastale

in the interest of staying real I must present the last photo... no I do not have leprocy... I have these dark spots on my face like sunspots..(all you twentysomethings.. get out of the sun!!) and the dermatologist "froze" the spots with like liquid nitrogen...  and they have like the look of a mosquito bite... he says the scabs will fall off and my skin will blend back to be one color again... so even though this is unattractive... I must be a part of "What I Wore Wednesday" over at and so if nothing else.. use me as a cautionary tale and USE SUNSCREEN!!!


  1. i definitely use sunscreen now but didn't for a few years in college! I'm sure i have lots of sunspots!

  2. I think these are like from when I went out in the sun when I was 18!! fingers crossed that I look SUPER young when these fade...