Sunday, June 23, 2013

The chair that got away...

I know this looks like I'm stalking Bri from
but I'm actually stalking the chairs in the picture... I love this living room... and the chairs in particular... now.. I once saw a chair in this style at Goodwill for 65.00.. I took a picture of it because I didn't
 get it!!! M I S T A K E!!!!!!
so now.. almost a year later.. I still mourn that chair.. and the price... I went to Big Lots... found this one..
Autograph Coffee Armless Accent Chairfor 129.00... went today to get it... couldn't do it... it was TWICE the price.... so I came home and went on and found this one...Burke Armless Slipper Chair - Black Chevron Quick Informationfor 119.00 with free shipping... so.. I pulled the trigger... I used my target card and got 5% off.. making the final purchase price... 121.00... so... lesson? when you see something at Goodwill that you love enough to take a picture of it... GET IT!!!!!

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  1. I love the shape of those chairs!!! The chevron is great too! YAY!