Wednesday, June 19, 2013

why do you do what you do?

The question was asked today at a summer conference,"Why do you do what you do?"... then I went on one of my fave blogs
 and the question was asked again, "Why do you teach?" Today.. when I look back at this last school year and think about all that happened around our nation and in my own classroom... why do I teach?
I teach because  I want children to feel independent...  I want children to know a sense of trust... in themselves.. 
I teach because I want six and seven year olds to be children  
I teach because I want my first graders to look back on first grade and smile
I teach because I want to instill faith, hope, and trust....
I teach for those who taught... for those who were treated as babysitters and formed unions and gave me the right to fight for what is right
 I teach for those who no longer teach and taught me how to teach and how to learn
I teach for those who gave their lives to their students
I teach because I see the future and the future in a first graders face looks very nice...

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