Thursday, October 24, 2013

For the love of God Friday... where are you????

Hey y'all.... I will tell you.. these five day work weeks are killers.. I wake up at 6:45... get out of bed at 6:55... and it is dark out... what am I going to do when we have daylight savings time??? I have been doing good this week with not taking my ambien every night... only Sunday... and I'm sleeping really well... but today its Thursday.. the shoes I'm wearing are technically slippers.. but whatever... my feet have endured enough for the week... they need a break... this weekend... I will be doing NOTHING!!!! I am changing my sheets, doing my laundry, and of COURSE Goodwill... but beyond that... sittin on my big butt!!! See why I need Friday????
Sweater: Target
Cords: Old Navy c/o Goodwill
Shoes: Target slippers (boys)
necklace: Groopdealz
Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!

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