Monday, October 7, 2013

Warning: this post contains profanity

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Girrrrrrlllll.... I told you marriage was harrrrrdddd!!! And it ain't getting no easier trust me... But today... I discovered something... Sometimes, not that often you get into a fight and you get to just YELL and SCREAM and say " fuck you!!!!" And do I feel bad? NO!!!! It made me feel good to just yell and scream because I'm maaaaaddd!!! And I am so sick of trying to be nice.... The last dirrrrty fight I told you about was over text and even though you can say what you want a good ol' fashioned fight is sometimes just what you need.... Now I'm not saying all is happy happy joy joy.. But at least some pressure has been relieved... Sometimes I scream you scream is just what It takes to keep the wheels greased....

**** the opinions expressed by Suzanne do not express the opinion of the group

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