Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesdays child

Good Morning Lovlies!!! It is a COLD day here in Illinois today!!! Almost needed the ice scraper!!! Today's post is for all my girls out there.... the gals that are in my life are having it ROUGH this month.. Just when you think your problems are the only problems that exist in the world people open up to you and tell you that that is not the case...One woman in my life is in rehab little beknownst to me or anyone else who knew her... another woman is contemplating quitting her job because the stress is so bad, another woman uninvited yours truly to Christmas because I only text... the drama!!! So I'm sending love out to all of my girls out there... women STRESS OUT alot... but we are wonderful creatures as we have the ability to commiserate and heal one another with our words.. Just when I thought NOONE could possibly have it worse than me, I find out I'm not the center of the universe.. huh....

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