Friday, October 4, 2013

Adjustment tantrums...

Top: Limited c/o Goodwill
Pants: Walmart
Shoes: Trget

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! I am in all black today.. not for any mourning reason.. just to try and look skinnier... My hubsband came home yesterday and there is a period of adjustment going on... this is how it works... you've been living together for a while.. like 19 years... then someone takes a job out of state and is gone for lets say 3 months... so you develop a new normal.. I have my two kids, my three dogs, my lovely television shows... my Goodwill, My Salvation Army, my Target... this replaces the person... then the person comes back... now all those things you treasure because you have been forced to get a back seat... so you have to adjust.. theres no room in the drawer for his shaving stuff... theres no room fo his stuff... well sorry I didn't build a shrine while you were gone... and the part that makes it ever more frustrating?? Hes leaving as soon as the government goes back to work....So.... we persevere.... On the less brighter side... my day off from my class turned sour for the poor substitute who said my class was the worst class shes ever had.... We gotta alot work to do!!!!!!

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