Thursday, October 10, 2013

How important is sex?

****the views expressed by Suzanne do not reflect the views of the average pooka reader... pooka does not condone or support these ideas... theres my disclaimer for those offended...

But really.. how important is sex??? I would say VERY VERY VERY important... and not for the reason you may think... sex is so important because without the physical intimacy it is easy to feel hostile... when someone's physical needs or desires are being met by another person the bond gets really strong... I feel that when sex goes because of distance like in my case its easy for me to turn off to my hubsband... its really easy for me to dismiss him... but when we are physically close and intimate I feel closer to him and it makes me want to love him and want to be nice to him... Dr. Phil says sex can be 90% of your issues or 10% of your issues.... very true.....
I am layering up today.. the temp this am is about 65 degrees... by noon it will be like 73 so I'll have to lose the sweater... Have a FABULOUS day today my friends!!!

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