Monday, October 21, 2013

Evolution of a fight... Evolution of a relationship...

Boots: DSW
Jeans: Target Skinny
Top: Target
Scarf: Rue21

Good Morning Lovelies!!! It is a cold blustery day here in Illinois... I had a very emotional weekend... Friday the hubs and I went out to dinner.. it started with an annoyance of him being on the phone and then a full on fight and then some breakthroughs.. all at the Superossa!!! The people next to us must have been like, " These two whack jobs need a marriage counselor!!"... Some revelations were uncovered... I told him whenever he leaves he acts like hes so happy to leave and when hes there hes going on and on about how great everything is and in my mind I'm taking it as hes happy to be away from ME.. he said, no.. he gets depressed when  hes away but he doesn't share that with me because he doesn't want me to know how miserable he can get... I'm like, " I NEED to know how miserable you are!!" ( I know this sounds bad... but you know misery loves company).. I told him I needed to hear that he was sad to be away from us or I think hes just happy happy joy joy to be gone... its the perception in my head... So we made a breakthrough there... some other breakthrough about how we need to see each other and needed to start skyping and how we need to spend family time together so we can ALL connect... its easy to just go off to another room, and we need to make a genuine effort to keep connected to one another... We are a family and we always will be... These three people, Jack, Casey, and Chris are the Pooka Pooka Pooka this blog is named after... they are the most important things to me and always will be...
Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!!!

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  1. glad you had a breakthrough! and I need that scarf - so cute!