Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Flannel linkup

Hey y'all.. its Friday again!!! Today I am linking up with for her flannel Friday linkup.... I chose this outfit especially for the linkup....
On other frustrating fronts... my dog.. seen here.. is really acting like a jerk!!!! I dont' know if hes not getting enough attention or what.. but he is peeing on the floor, escaping out of the yard and fighting... I don't know if its right to call a dog an asshole, but this dog is sure acting like one... I have to go to Menards and  figure something out to keep him in check...  I know when he goes outside he is just telling my other two dogs, " You think this yard is big? Really??? I've been out there, and trust me, other dogs have it WAAAAY better than we do... We are getting ripped off!!!!!" and then he encourages them to escape with him.... JERK!!! So more "Dog Whisperer" for me this w/end....
As this is a long w/end for me Hopefully that means sales sales sales at Salvation Army... if I bring in the motherload, I'll post pics... Have a WONDERFUL weekend my friends!!!

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