Monday, November 24, 2014

The best week to be a teacher...

Good Morning Lovelies!!! Its Monday again, but it may as well be Thursday around herer because your girl Pooka has a two day week this week!!! This is the week we all strive to get to.. two days is a piece of cake...
What you are seeing above my message is my final Groopdealz purchase... I may be able to get away with using groopdealz for  Christmas presents.. but beyond that.. I'm done... but you see how I HAD to get this top... the black and white plaid is ALL the rage right now.. 
Here is how I spent most of my weekend...
thats right... sleep.. wonderful sleep... but I did manage to get out and go to 1,2,3... no 4 Goodwills!!! I swear... the Goodwills must have a stash of Christmas stuff in the back that they are holding onto until Black Friday... because every Goodwill I go to has NOTHING for Christmas... and come Friday.. I am READY for some Christmas!!!!
Have a wonderful day my friends.. its going to be a GREAT week!!


  1. Nice Groopdealz purchase. Plaid is ALL the rage this year. I have some flannel plaid shirts from Old Navy I will be wearing this year so that's good. But yes, I am on the Groopdealz and ban too. It bites as there are some cute tops I would love to buy. I might find some Christmas stuff for the girls on there. My thrift store (which is not a Goodwill) had a bunch of Christmas stuff out last trip a couple of weeks ago. I bet it's all snapped up now. Enjoy your time off. Molly

  2. I went to hobby lobby and they had a bunch of the same cute home stuff... If you have a rue21 by you.... The clothes can be found there.... So I'm kind if re-routing my obsessions...

  3. OOH Rue 21? Hm, will have to check it out. Hobby Lobby is near us. I know what you