Friday, November 21, 2014

What A Week!!!

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllll.. its been a five day work week and I worked every damn one of 'em!!! This week has been Loooooong!!! I feel like Monday was about a month ago..
My house is in transition because I'm sloooowly preparing for my tree... so I am starting to move stuff around, but its in flux... 
Heres the thing... to clean my house.. like REALLY clean it.. I have to have everyone out of the house... therein lies the problem.. NOONE ever leaves... My hubsband NEVER leaves.. my son rarely leaves... I need them to leave so I can go from room to room and not disturb anyone while I dust,vaccuum, disinfect.... I have to FORCE them to leave the house so I can clean...I'm hoping I can do it this weekend!!! 
Thanksgiving is around the corner!!! My last Thanksgiving was a bust... My hubsband and I fought the whole time.. I'm hoping this one will be better.. but my hubsband is in a real FUNK!!! He still can't find a job.. this is a real blow.. Do you see why my week felt so long? Dirty house, sad hubs, rowdy kids.... but I'm thankful!!!


  1. My girls now help me clean and it's really nice to have that help. But when it was just me I was like you, I had to have the house quiet and no one around so I could clean as well.

    Hope you have a nice holiday and time off, I am sure you are ready for it. My daughter's special ed day class is making trail mix and the teacher said kids could bring chips and soda.......soda is not a good thing for my daughter so I had to say no and write note for no soda. I bet they will give her some though. So my afternoon will be interesting. Molly

    1. What kind of soda??? I give my class soda exactly ONCE a year... On Halloween and it's sprite... So no caffeine.... My kids are not good cleaners... I suspect they do a bad job on purpose so I'll take over...

  2. One time she had Mountain Dew!!! Took her all pm and evening to get over that one. I sent a note in so the teacher did not give her any soda. Whew. My youngest is in Special Ed day class (we adopted our daughters at 4 and 6, they are 10 and 13 now) and she is OCD so really loves to help clean. My 13 yr old does the bare minimum but does do it. The house really shines when my younger daughter helps. LOL.