Thursday, November 20, 2014

What? You think you're better than me???

Life is seriously one Seinfeld episode after another.. I swear... even the episodes that you think can't happen to you.. they will... Today I am feeling this one... where Mr.Mandelbaum keeps challenging everyone... the line is , "you think YOU'RE better than HIM???" I am feeling alot like Izzy Mandelbaum today... so many times I get in these conversations with people who tell me how wonderful their kids are, how great their parents are, what great vacations they've been on, etc.. and I can't help but think (channeling Carrie Bradshaw here) "Well aren't you just the winner??" and I get super defensive... I have been working really hard on not looking at other people's lives through rose colored glasses, but its hard.. the hard part right now is I know alot of people whose kids have been accepted to the college of their choice...Jack is still waiting to hear from Northern.. but his motivation is very low.. he isn't doing the things he needs to do to get funding for college and his grades arent' that stellar either...College has to be his choice and his actions... I keep telling him that... Jack has a lot going for him.. he just has to channel his potential and get his butt in gear... heres where I feel like bad mom winner of the year... because I dont' know how much to help him... how much responsibiltiy to take... UGGGGGGGGGGGHhhhhhhh...  too many deep thoughts for the morning.... 
On a brighter note.. my chair came... 
(excuse the Family Guy in the pic... )
arent they cute??? So pray for Jack today.. pray that he gets the inspiration he needs to move forward... 

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  1. I hope Jack gets some inspiration. It's really hard I think to think of life beyond high school.

    That chair is awesome!

    I love the plaid shirt, did you get that online? It looks good with the scarf.