Thursday, November 6, 2014

The smartest first graders I know...

are in my class..... I have to take a minute today and write about these little puppies I've got in my class this year... My three readers know about my class last year.. they were:
1. huge.. like the biggest, tallest boys... hormones are real and affecting our youth
2. hyper... very busy all the time with tattles, throwing things, crawling, talking... 

Now this year my team and I have switched it up a bit... I have the class with the highest reading levels.. that doesn't mean theyre the smartest.. they just all can read... but  they are smart!!!  
For example: as you all know.. pooka is like my favorite word.. for all my teaching  websites my username is always pooka... so I put up my website on the smartboard and my little student Kenaris says to his friend, "I'll bet its pooka"... how did he know??? 
today I gave a lesson on true or false.. like 4+7+6= 8+4+6 true or false... they have to find a ten and add from there... I have kids who can do this and explain exactly how they got their answer... 
These are some smarty smarty had a parties!!! I hope I can keep up... every time one of them goes, "I don't get it".. I'm like, "VICTORY!!!"

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