Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Again... I tried...

Good Morning Lovelies.... Today's outfit comes to us courtesy of Pinterest... Here is the inspiration outfit...
plaid shirt and fur vest over it... paired with leggings..Now we're not as skinny as the cute model.... but I tried... so in defeat... I give you someone who looks good in anything he wears... Cooper
This is what I'll be doing this time next week!!! Have a lovely Tuesday!!

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  1. Cute. Plaid and fur is the rage this year. I have the fur vest from Target, that I got on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (made husband get it on a trip to Target) for $16. I ordered a cute Jane.com black sweater with plaid on the bottom hem and sleeves. I actually like plaid so was glad to see it come back. Hope you enjoy your vacation.