Monday, December 1, 2014

Its a NEW month!!!

New month.. same old Pooka... I tell ya... having these kids is a real challenge..I love my son.. I do.. I love him... but I would love for him to leave the house sometimes... Heres the thing with teenagers... you can't take them to the park when they get stir crazy... you can't drop them off with a friend for a playdate... you can't bring them to the library to get a book... no... with these 17 year olds.... you have to just kind of sit around and grit your teeth while they sit in their underwear all day watching TV doing NOTHING but making pizza bites....I want him to go out with friends.. but when his friends are busy, what to do... he doesn't have a car, but boy this boy has GOT to find a life soon or I"m gonna lose it... He was working at McDonald's but had to quit because they are open 24 hours... I want him to get a job that he would only have to work until 9-10, but he is unmotivated to say the least..... and his grades arent' good enough to warrant him a job.... swoosh.... all I really want is the house to myself every once in a while...My dream of cleaning the house while noone is in it??? That dream is slowly fading as NOONE will leave the house... my hubsband, my son... they never leave... good thing I have a classroom to come to where I at least get 30 mins to myself every day... 
NOW.. for your quote of the month:
Have a WONDERFUL Day my friends!!!

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